[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Many empirical studies have shown that educators with coaching skills lead to more motivated teachers and students who learn faster.” Nancy L. Shanklin. University of Colorado, Denver[/quote]

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ESCO strives to provide education focused on people. We want to discover and strengthen our students’ talents and optimise their personal and professional development.

Coaching Programme

Coaching is a method that consists in mentoring, supporting and training a person or a group to achieve a goal or develop specific abilities.

Our Coaching Programme aims to provide students with the guidance and orientation needed for them to meet all their goals, encouraging their decision-making, motivation and self-knowledge.

Through this programme, we aim to:

  • Develop our students’ self-confidence so that they are able to give the best of themselves.
  • Encourage self-awareness as a fundamental element for students to know themselves, their desires, abilities and competences.
  • Promote the importance of action. All that we learn means nothing if it is not used and put into practice and .