Employment and Placements

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We have over 400 agreements with companies through the ESCO Foundation, thus helping our students enter the job market through work placements starting in their first year of studies. This commitment has allowed many of our graduates to become employees in the companies where they started out on placements.

If your company wants to collaborate with the ESCO Foundation by helping us grant our studies an added value and support our employment database, you can contact the ESCO Registry by sending an e-mail to secretaria@escocampus.com

We consider work placements to be a fundamental part of our students’ training, as they are a way to apply theoretical knowledge and familiarise with the corporate world. Moreover, placements are used by companies as a relatively inexpensive way to gain workforce for one-time or seasonal projects or even as a way to select potential future employees.


Placement Programme:

Undergraduate students:

  1. Enrolment: until 30th April
  2. Students with more than two failed subjects cannot enrol
  3. Placements are compulsory for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students
  4. 4th year students must hand in their placement report before 30th June

Apply for the Placement Programme here.

Master’s studentsMaster’s students can voluntarily partake in our Placement Programme. ESCO will try to find a paid placement that suits the student’s profile. The selection process starts every year in early January and continues uninterruptedly until March. The minimum duration of the placement is 3 months and the maximum duration is 6 months. The placement commences as soon as the student has completed the master’s programme, barring certain exceptions.

GraduatesPlacements in companies are a very attractive option for those graduates who wish to obtain more relevant professional experience before they fully enter the job market. Placements allow the student to:

  • Apply the knowledge acquired throughout the degree in a practical, real-life context.
  • Complete their training with more practical knowledge that is relevant to their career options.
  • Gain first-hand experience and familiarise with the most important aspects of the current job market (competitiveness, quality, the opening of markets, economic globalisation, etc.).

The ESCO’s Registry makes an effort to support our students in their entry into job market, with over 400 agreements signed with different companies, businesses and local and national institutions.

How to apply for our employment database

We have an Employment Database for graduates and companies:

  • Graduates. If you wish to apply for our Employment Database, send us your CV and if we have an offer that matches your professional profile, we will contact you.
  • Companies. If you are interested in adding an employee specialised in Communication or Marketing to your workforce, send us your employment offer.



900 525 834 | secretaria@escocampus.com


 ESCO has more than 400 agreements with companies and institutions so our students and graduates can enter the job market through different channels, such as:

  • The media: press, radio TV, digital media
  • Financial bodies
  • Public and private organisations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Foundations
  • Local governments
  • Small and mid-sized businesses


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