ESCO Foundation

The ESCO Foundation is a non-profit organisation working in the areas of communication, business and culture.

Our mission is to promote communication, dialogue and debate for the development of the social, cultural, political, academic and educational activities carried out in relation to ESCO.

In order to do so, we participate in and support the activities carried out by other institutions and companies that share our goals, contributing each day to make Andalusia a benchmark for communication, information and culture around the world.

Our main activities include the following:

  1. Implementation of a Grants and Subsidies Programme for ESCO students, both for their studies and for project development
  2. Development of employment programmes organised by the Fundación Tripartita, the state organisation aimed at promoting employment in Spain
  3. Publication of books and manuals
  4. Organisation of career boosting events in order to encourage networking
  5. Publication of the ESCO Ranking of Advertising Agencies
  6. Production and broadcasting of the Digital TV Channel and news website


Click here to learn about ESCO’s Grants and Subsidies Programme


Click here to see a list of the works that have been published by our ESCO Foundation.

With these publications we are fulfilling one of the most important aims of this projects: to participate in academic debates on contribute with the teaching and research experience of our teaching staff, students and experts in different fields.

Communication Journal 1

Communication Journal 2

Communication Journal 3

Communication Journal 4

Communication Journal 5


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