Our values

1. EUROPEAN RECOGNITION. The scheme plans approved by the University of Wales are part of the Bologna Process and, therefore, our degrees are included in the European Higher Education Area. The University of Wales issues a University Bachelor (Honours) Degree for our graduates along with an Official European Diploma Supplement.


2. COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING. We believe that theoretical knowledge must be put into practice in order to achieve an integral education. This is why we apply an innovative methodology based on lectures, workshops, seminars, teamwork and placements.


3. INNOVATION. Our formula for success is based on our commitment to our students’ future, using personal coaching in Talent and Idea Creation Workshops based on business coaching.


4. STUDENT FOCUS. We firmly believe that the key to success is for our students to combine their vocation with their talents because we want them to enjoy studying.


5. DEDICATED TEACHING STAFF. Our teachers are highly experienced, both academically and professionally, ensuring high quality teaching.


6. GUIDANCE. Our Personal Coaching Programme seeks to guide students on the path to developing their talents towards meeting the demands of society and the job market.


7. PROFESSIONAL INTEGRATION. We have over 400 job placement agreements, an employment database and a personal career guidance service.


8. INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY. We have cultural, social and formal ties with the University of Wales, as well as with other academic institutions around the world in order to promote student exchange.


9. FIRST CLASS EDUCATION. We strive to provide comprehensive and competitive training and high-quality education that integrates discipline and responsibility.


10. COMMITMENT. We seek to train the best future professionals, regardless of their financial situation. We believe that education should available be for everyone who is sufficiently motivated. Therefore, we have implemented a Grants and Subsidies Programme, which is tailored to each individual student and is backed by various financial entities and companies.


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