The University of Wales


About the University

Founded by Royal Charter in 1893, the University of Wales is the degree-awarding body for a number of higher education students at institutions in Wales, as well as for many at other partner institutions in the United Kingdom and overseas. To date, the University has awarded over 600,000 degrees.

Every year, the University of Wales certifies the quality of our academic programmes and verifies that ESCO is up to its standards of academic excellence.

Each of our graduates is awarded an Official European Diploma Supplement by the University of Wales, complementing the diploma that is conferred by ESCO.

Read about ESCO in the University of Wales’ newsletter, Newyddion Ansawdd (Quality News). Click here to see the original version and here to read it in English.

A strategic alliance

In order to respond to the needs of students in the modern era, both in Wales and further afield, the University of Wales is currently in the process of merging with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) to create a unified institution under the 1828 Charter of UWTSD. The transformed University will establish itself as one of the key institution in Wales delivering high quality learning and research opportunities for students both at home and abroad, Until this time, the University of Wales remains a separately chartered Institution.

Click here to read Vice-Chancellor Medwin Hughes’ letter to current and former students of the University of Wales.

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