Master’s Degree in Fashion

Master’s Degree in Fashion: Communication and Management

Our Master’s Degree in Fashion: Communication and Management is perfect to gain all the knowledge needed to understand contemporary fashion trends and build the communication and management tools needed to work in the different areas that make up the fashion industry. If you have a passion for fashion, ESCO is the place for you.


Pilar Torrecillas. Creative Director of DAL BAT
Maripi Robles. Communication Director of No Solo Una Idea

Teaching staff

Our teaching staff is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals from the fashion industry, such as Enrique Loewe Lynch (LOEWE), Josie (expert in fashion),  Mar Morón (PRIMARK), Helena Bermudez de Castro (CHOPARD), Eugenia de la Torriente (EL PAÍS), Anne Igartiburu (TELEVISIÓN ESPAÑOLA), Isabel Zancajo (LÓREAL),  and Juan José Costales (CHANEL),  amongst others.

A different approach 

We are convinced that students should be in close contact with the professional world that is related to their field of study from the get-go. At ESCO, we strongly believe in the need to provide our students with practical training and hands-on experience. In line with this conviction, we make sure that our students can visit the places where real fashion takes place, such as the Loewe factory, Inditex, the Museo del Traje (the Fashion and Costume Museum in Madrid) or the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Our Programme

  • The Past, Present and Future of Fashion
  • Communication and Marketing in the Fashion Industry
  • How to Plan a Collection
  • Luxury vs Low Cost
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Businesses Creation and Financial Management
  • Management Skills and Coaching
  • Trends
  • New Technologies
  • The Cosmetic Industry
  • Style, Personal Shopper and Visual Merchandising

Our method to thrive and stand out:

  • Focus: Familiarise yourself with the subject matter from a practical perspective based on the current real-life situation.
  • Take a closer look: Develop your intellectual potential through specialised learning.
  • Stand out: Master different coaching techniques and skills to ensure a successful career.
  • Specialise: Training 2.0.

During the academic year, lessons and activities will take place not only at the ESCO headquarters, but also at different iconic locations of Granada, such as the Carmen de los Mártires, The Science Park, the Córdova Palace, amongst many others. Furthermore, on this master’s course, you will be able to attend different events and get to know different companies from the industry in other Spanish cities, such as the Loewe factory, Inditex, or the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

As a student on our master’s programmes, you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Lectures and different activities aimed at content assimilation
  • Access to any 9 lectures from our other master’s programmes, free of charge
  • Job placements
  • Labs & spin-offs
  • Final dissertation, the perfect way to specialise in what you love
  • Professional coaching and mentorship

We have over 400 agreements through the ESCO Foundation to give our students the opportunity to do job placements and get some hands-on experience in the real professional world by doing job placements upon completing the master’s course.

Through our commitment to our students’ future, many of our graduates have been hired at the companies where they did their job placement. ESCO graduates can be found working in well-known companies like Adolfo Domínguez, Moisés Nieto, L’Oréal and in top-notch communication agencies in Madrid.

At ESCO, we want your passion to become your profession, which is why we offer a number of grants in connection with the fashion industry.

Click here to find out about our Grants and Subsidies Programme.

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