Master’s Degree in Human Resources

The Human Resources Manager has quickly become a key figure in any business or organisation. Today, we are more aware than ever that the strategic management of human resources can make or break a business, which is why they seek professionals with a specific set of competences and skills.

ESCO is answering this demand with our Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Talent Management. We wish to provide our students with the necessary tools and resources to generate and develop talent in businesses and manage their human resources efficiently.

Our Master’s Degree is designed to provide our students with the foundations needed to develop their skills for strategic planning, innovation, communication and management in advertising.

Teaching staff

Our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff is dedicated to providing students with a holistic and in-depth approach to marketing and advertising. Many combine teaching with their profession in human resources, meaning they are highly experienced, both academically and professionally.

Our teaching staff is comprised of distinguished professionals like Jane Rodríguez  del Tronco, Directora (The Bold Choice), Ángel López (Quality Director in Granada’s Caja Rural) or José Luis Feito (consultant and coach), amongst others. 


  • The Basics of Human Resources
  • The Recruitment Department and Team Optimisation
  • The Department for Training and Personal Development
  • Talent Management in HR
  • Coaching
  • Management Skills
  • Personal Brand and Positioning in the Search for Employment
  • Social Networks and Recruitment 2.0
  • Useful Finances
  • Management Software
  • Occupational Safety in HR
  • Conflict Resolution

Our method to thrive and stand out in the job market:

  • Focus: Familiarise yourself with the subject matter from a practical perspective based on the current real-life situation.
  • Take a closer look: Develop your intellectual potential through specialised learning.
  • Stand out: Master different coaching techniques and skills to ensure a successful career.
  • Specialise: Training 2.0.

During the academic year, lessons and activities will take place not only at the ESCO headquarters, but also at different iconic locations of Granada.

Our aim is to contribute to our students’ professional and personal development by providing them with the tools to become a part of the academic community and widen their social and cultural perspective.

As a student on our master’s programmes, you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Lectures and different activities aimed at content assimilation
  • Access to any 9 lectures from our other master’s programmes, free of charge
  • Job placements
  • Labs & spin-offs
  • Professional coaching and mentorship
  • Final dissertation

We have over 400 agreements through the ESCO Foundation to give our students the opportunity to do job placements upon completing their master’s course and get some hands-on experience in the real professional world. Through our commitment to our students’ future, many of our graduates have been hired at the companies where they did their job placement.

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