Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is the branch of journalism that concerns reporting on sporting topics and games. It is an essential element of any news media organisation and is, with the growth of the sports industry, becoming more relevant and in demand every day.

Our Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism is a postgraduate programme aimed at university graduates and last-year students interested in mastering the sector of the media specialising in sports. On this Master’s Degree, you will learn to manage different specialised communication mediums and to create and manage contents related to sports.

At ESCO, we strongly believe in the need to provide our students with practical training and hands-on experience. In line with this conviction, we make sure that our students can experience real sports journalism by offering visits to important sports venues and TV broadcasters.


Manu Bayona. Director of the newspaper Granada Digital. Journalist and editor of “El día después” of Canal+.

Teaching staff

Many members of our teaching staff combine teaching with their profession in sports journalism, meaning they are highly experienced, both academically and professionally. Our staff is comprised by top-notch professionals like Mónica Marchante,  Ricardo Sierra, Gaby Ruiz, Guillermo G. Uzquiano and Adolfo Barbero (Canal +), Susana Guasch (La Sexta), Jorge Hevia (COPE), Miguel Gutiérrez (La Libreta de Van Gaal), Juan Prieto (Director of Granada CF TV), Vicente Azpitarte (EsRADIO) and Patricia Ramírez Loeffler (coaching psychologist)Pablo Pinto (Mediaset),  Ángel Rodriguez (Director of Communication for Málaga CF), Luis García (Deportes Cuatro) and Javier Rufete (Communication Director for Granada CF).


Our Method to thrive and stand out in the job market:

  • Focus: Familiarise yourself with the subject matter from a practical perspective based on the current real-life situation.
  • Take a closer look: Develop your intellectual potential through specialised learning.
  • Stand out: Master different coaching techniques and skills to ensure a successful career.
  • Specialise: Training 2.0.

During the academic year, lessons and activities will take place not only at the ESCO headquarters, but also at different iconic locations of Granada, such as the Estadio de los Cármenes football stadium or the High Performance Sports Centre in Sierra Nevada. 

Our aim is to contribute to our students’ professional and personal development by providing them with the tools to become a part of the academic community and widen their social and cultural perspective.

As a student on our master’s programmes, you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Lectures and different activities aimed at content assimilation
  • Access to any 9 lectures from our other master’s programmes, free of charge
  • Job placements
  • Labs & spin-offs
  • Professional coaching and mentorship

We have over 400 agreements through the ESCO Foundation to give our students the opportunity to do job placements upon completing their master’s course and get some hands-on experience in the real professional world. Through our commitment to our students’ future, many of our graduates have been hired at the companies where they did their job placement.

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